Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sailing the ocean blue!

It's time to go! Can you hear the sound of me shouting for joy? I wouldn't be surprised if it came over the Internet and through your speakers! LOL

In the morning, my friend Margie and I are loading up the PT Cruiser and heading north to Seattle. There we'll check into the Sheraton and then meet fellow Sea Socks cruisers in the lobby around 4:20 to head for the ferry to Bainbridge Island. That's where the fun begins, with a visit to Churchmouse Yarns.

On Friday, we'll load all our stuff into the belly of a bus. Margie will spend the day visiting with her mom while I board the bus for a yarn crawl around Seattle. We'll meet up again at the pier for boarding the Celebrity Infinity for our cruise!

slippers for cruiseThis seems to have been such a long time coming and now it's upon us and I feel very unprepared. I did manage to finish my felted slippers last night and got the leather soles and embellishments (such as they are -- I'm sure they'll pale in comparison to some of the other ones that will be on display) attached this morning. They're still pretty wet, but the contest isn't until Tuesday night's pajama party, so they will be dry by then. In case you can't tell from the picture, they are embellished with scrapbooking brads that spell out the words "cruising, knit, purl, felt" and there are some stars thrown in for good measure. Yarn is Manos and Cascade 220 with greyleather soles added for durability.

The iPod is charged and loaded with music and podcasts. The camera and memory cards are ready. The spinning wheel is packed into its carrying case. I have a tote bag full of needles and other notions for the classes. The swift and ball winder and scale are ready to go. There's yarn for the classes, too, and some fiber for spinning. The only WIP I'm taking is one pair of socks since I know I'll be buying more yarn and starting projects on board. I still need to go to the bank and put gas in the car, but will probably do those in the morning before we leave.

Now all I need to do is figure out what clothes I'm packing! Yes, that's the last thing on my list because it's the easiest to do at the last minute. I'm going light here. Jeans, a few shirts, slacks for dining, and shawls to dress things up. And, of course, my new Mr. Greenjeans sweater! I'm grateful that we're not changing climate zones. What I wear around here should be good up there, especially since we still aren't seeing much of any weather resembling spring. Okay, we had one day, but that was about it! The folks coming in from places where summer clothing is already in full use are the ones who will have a tougher time of it.

Anyway, "see" you in about a week! I should have LOTS of blog fodder and pictures at that point.

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Sharon said...

you are going to have a blast! Looking forward to the pics.