Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sing, sing a song, sing out loud, sing out long!

It's official. I've now been riding this planet around the sun for another year. To give it perspective, I took a couple minutes to relisten to this song. Go ahead and click it and give a listen. I'll wait.

Yep, musical genius, that one!

Some (mostly non-knitting) friends asked me out to dinner tonight, but I postponed it to tomorrow night. Why? Because -- pardon another musical reference, but. . .

It's my birthday and I'll knit if I want to,
Knit if I want to,
Knit if I want to!
You would knit, too, if you turned fifty-two!

Yes, there's a knitting group tonight and I want to go sit with my knit-sibs and sip coffee and knit and chat and generally have a good time. My non-knitting friends understand and we'll have a lovely dinner tomorrow night.

I'm working on a mate for this mitt right now. It's a new kit from Deb at Fearless Fibers called the Cable & Twist mitt. You can get just the pattern or a kit complete with the pattern and some of Deb's lovely hand-dyed yarn. I bought the kit in the Imagine colorway, a lovely blend of purples and blues. Reminds me of blueberries. The yarn is superwash merino sportweight and I like it a lot.

The pattern is well written and works up quickly. I did make a modification, turning it into fingerless gloves rather than a mitt. Very warm now! All that's left is to make the mate and I'll be set for the rest of the winter.

I've been working some today and talking on the phone a lot more than usual as friends and family have been calling to wish me a happy birthday. It's grey outside, but sunny in my heart!

Thanks for all the wishes you've sent, too, and the stories that you've shared about your best birthday memories. I really enjoy reading them. Since my birthday is so close to Christmas, most of the standout memories for me are of Christmas rather than birthdays, although I've had lots of lovely birthday celebrations, too.

Oh, and there's still time to get your name in the hat for the contest, too! I'll be picking a winner on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Alwen said...

Happy birthday, and try to avoid having me knock you down and steal that yarn! It looks so soft I want to reach right through the screen.

Judy said...

Happy Birthday! Great to see you tonight.

ikkinlala said...

Happy birthday!

Sabry said...

Happy Birthday!! I know I'm late but I just wanted to wish you the best.



Suna said...

I hope you had a great knitting evening. I had a great knitting evening last night, joined by my friend who is one day younger than me, and we were trying to decide what to do for the big 5-0 in March.

Anyway, usually I am not much for kits but I love BOTH the yarn and the pattern on those mitts. MMM. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your dinner.

Sharon said...

oh my stars, I saw it was your birthday on Ravelry and then knit with you last night and completely spaced on it. Happy happy, belated birthday, dear Cindy! Welcome to the Nifty Fifty-two club, which I joined last October.

Mimi Lenox said...

Happy Birthday!!!