Wednesday, December 19, 2007


As in six days until Christmas! EEK! That means I should be mailing things, like yesterday!

So here's what the fiber room looks like today. Massive drying and blocking in progress. Click the picture to go to Flickr and read the notes, if you want to know what's what.

Still to be completed:
One more mug cozy
Another Earl Grey sock
One more felted clog

Finishing work remaining
Line a felted bag and add zipper
Felt clogs

Labeling, wrapping, and mailing of three packages (to California, Nevada, and Washington -- thankfully nearby) remain to be done.

I'm still optimistic. Now if only I didn't have to work!

Oh, and thanks for the comments on my furniture dilemma. I took some time and made a scale model of the room on graph paper, complete with scale cutouts of each piece of furniture there now and each option I'm considering. After much playing with paper dolls the scale representation, I've decided to purchase the sofa, the comfy side chair, the coffee table, and one ottoman. This will fit nicely in the room and I think the combination will best suit my lifestyle. I have to work across town on Friday night and am meeting a friend for dinner beforehand, so I'll go over early and visit IKEA, which is also on that side of town, and place the order.

The existing couch and coffee table go on Craigslist today! With luck, someone will buy them and take them away before the delivery arrives from IKEA.

For now, I have to work for a bit and then knit like a madwoman!

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Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Yeah for new furniture! Can't wait to see pics on the blog. You going to join us for the new Westside Wednesday knitting at Starbucks? We've missed you!