Thursday, November 15, 2007

Picture this. . .

In which you'll have to use your imagination, because my latest FO is a sample knit for Chrissy Gardiner and I can't show it to you.

Yesterday, the organizers spent most of the day rummaging through my office, trying to find some rhyme or reason to the mound of papers and other detritus that have collected there and sort it into something meaningful. They politely told me that it would be easiest for them to do that alone and then call me in when decisions about things needed to be made.

Seizing that as my opportunity to abandon ship before it sank to the depths of an ocean of despair and frustration (and mounds of paper), I grabbed my knitting and left them to it. It worked out great. I got to sit and knit all day, which is my kind of heaven.

As for the FO, I can tell you it's a sock. And it has cables -- which shouldn't be a huge surprise to those of you who have seen a lot of Chrissy's patterns. The girl is a whiz at designing beautiful cable patterns! This sample sock is certainly proof of that. I LOVE it and will most certainly make a pair for myself at some point.

This was my first foray into the world of toe-up sock knitting and I have to say that I definitely see the allure. I do need to figure out how to determine sizes for feet that aren't readily available for impromptu fittings, though. I'm used to figuring that out for top-down socks, but the toe-up construction will take some getting used to before I can intuitively know when to start the gusset so that the sock ends up fitting a size ___ foot.

But I digress. Did I mention that the sock is gorgeous? Oh, I guess I did. I wish I could show it to you, but you'll have to wait until it gets published somewhere. For now, do yourself a favor and go get a knitting magazine or book that has one of Chrissy's patterns in it (hint, Interweave Knits Winter edition). Or buy one from an LYS that carries them. I honestly don't think you'll be disappointed.

And if you're really feeling adventurous and want to learn tips and tricks from the designer herself (and Amy Singer and Mama-E and Brenda Dayne), join us in May for the Sea Socks '08 cruise to Alaska! There are over 100 folks signed up already, but I think the ship has room for more. I'm not sure they're quite prepared for the horde of knitters, but ya never know!

And just to be clear, I do get compensaged for knitting samples, but the raving about the great designs is presented gratis. A knitter simply cannot be quiet about great design when she finds it! :)

Oh, and the office? Well, it's not quite finished yet (that should give you some idea of how bad it was), but there actually is a desktop here now, and a floor, too! They're coming back on Monday to finish up.

Now go, and knit some more!

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