Thursday, November 08, 2007

Body parts

Picture it: A nice, up-scale coffee shop in a suburban "lifestyles" shopping center. Five women sit at a table drinking coffee, knitting, and chatting. It sounds something like this:

"Oh, you've got to see the new head I just bought! She's gorgeous!"
"I saw Millicent on your blog. She is very pretty."
"And I'm waiting for some feet to arrive next."
"You're getting feet, too?"
"Well, a girl has to put her socks on something. I haven't found hands to my liking yet, though."

Yes, there were some strange glances in our direction from the other patrons! LOL

So So, Millicent now has feet to keep her company. They arrived yesterday (not of their own volition, but with the assistance of the friendly UPS man) and, as described in the eBay auction, were a little beat up. So I dug in my dresser and found an old pair of panty hose -- hmm, I cannot remember the last time I wore pantyhose, but I digress -- and cut the legs off of them. Insert feet, tie a quick knot at the top, tuck the knot into the hollow portion of the leg, and viola! Feet that look like new.

The best part about this pair of feet is that they aren't all that much smaller than my own. Oh, and they don't get swollen ankles and don't have scars from surgery, either. Of course they're also not sporting my cool ankle tattoo, but you can't have everything!

Doesn't it look like they're dancing across the work table? BTW, those are the Gull Wing socks I made a while back.

Now if I can just find a pair of hands I like. . .


Barbara said...

ok - I really want to know where on earth do you buy feet?

cause snapping a photo of my socks on my own feet is a pain - but I can see that this is a much better solution.

Kathleen said...

Very cool! Both the feet and the socks.

Sharon said...

If I didn't know and love you, I might think you were kinda ghoulish... :)

Dude, if you score some hands, let me know where you found them--I need some hands, preferably with wrists and forearms, for my fingerless lace up mitts! LOL