Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spinning and a new roommate!

On Saturday, I had the distinct honor, pleasure, and privilege of attending a beginning spinning workshop that the Aurora Handspinners Guild hosted. It was great fun and the day went all too fast! Barb was an excellent teacher and very patient with all of us. I was caught up in trying to get the hang of spinning and didn't take many pictures, but you can get an idea of the goings on from these. There were also some dyeing and felting and other classes happening in another part of the building that I never got around to seeing.

In general, I think we all did quite well. Some were more accomplished than others, most notably Melissa who created a gorgeous bit of plyed yarn for herself. Jealous? Me? You betcha. I'm getting better, but still need lots of practice.

Today, a new "roommate" arrived at my house. I have named her Millicent (don't ask why, 'cause I'm not sure -- it just came to me) and she is beautifying my fiber room at this very moment. Isn't she beautiful? I was going to just get a simple mannequin head to make taking pictures of hats easier, but when I saw Millicent on eBay, I just had to have her. There are several different designs available from the same seller, but this one is my favorite.

Millicent is no slacker, either. She pitched in right away to earn her keep and aptly modeled the two hats I completed and blogged about earlier. I have to say that I think she wears them quite well!

Progress is being made on the second Little Gem mitt -- not a lot of progress, but a bit. I've been working on a sample knit job first so I can get that done by my deadline. Still have a lot of holiday gift knitting to finish, but I'm confident keeping my fingers crossed that it will all get finished in time!


Judy said...

Love your new roommate! I'm heading off to ebay.

Donna said...

Millicent is a beauty. Sure a lot nicer than the plain white foam head I use to model my hats.

I met someone from the Aurora Handspinners Guild at OFFF last year who was really nice. Even though I'm not really interested in spinning right now, I was tempted to go sometime just to hang out. Congrats on tackling the spinning thing!

Roxie said...

OK, about that sweater from Flicker - how exactly do you want it copied? I'm a slap-dash person, but I grock the essential design elements of it and can help you with that. It's similar to the sweater I designed for my Master Knitter's Certificate.

Tammy said...

Millicent is elegant!!

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Millicent is a real doll! And she looks great in your hats, too!