Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?

No matter what your political or religious views are, pause today and remember.


Chrispy said...

I remember thinking that this was a really bad practical joke that Z100 was pulling that morning and then the phones started ringing off the hook.

All my friends on the east coast were calling to check on me and to alert me plus they wanted to make sure that my parents would be ok overseas.

This is a very sad day in our history. I hope we don't forget.

Cindy said...

It must have been hard to have your folks be so far away! I always woke to the news on my alarm back in those days and turned the TV on as soon as I heard what they were talking about. I remember watching as the second plane hit and thinking it was like a movie come to horrifying reality. An online community became my link to what was happening and then I realized I better get to work in case we had any executives visiting NYC that day (I was in internal communications for a big corporation at the time). Thankfully, all our employees were well and accounted for.

Definitely a sad, sad day and another on my list of things that occurred for which I'll never forget exactly what I was doing when I heard the news. :(

Suna said...

I was on a plane flying from Austin, Texas. American Airlines. We landed at O'Hare (as scheduled) and were very confused to see long lines of planes everywhere. Were they all taking off? Then a fellow sneaked his phone on and got a news feed. People began whispering the news. Then the pilot came on, crying. He knew the crews. We silently filed off the plane and joined the numb people looking for luggage. I managed to find the woman who was picking me up, but not my luggage. It was a miracle that it did get delivered to my hotel that night.

It was horrible being alone in that room, watching covereage, not knowing when I would see my kids again. And trying to get home from O'Hare was the biggest nightmare of all. However, I met really wonderful people there, and it was oddly healing.

I have no trouble remembering every year. I feel sick all day.

Bobbie said...

It still brings tears to my eyes. Another event that will always feel like it happened yesterday.

Cindy said...

{{Suna}}, I can't imagine what that must have felt like. It did seem, though, that we were all truly united for awhile there, didn't it? Before the shock wore off and the politicians could get their spin-meisters working and people began to polarize on the issues. :(

And I'm with both you and Bobbie on the sick feeling and tears. THe day I STOP feeling like that on this anniversary (or any other time I think about it all) is when I'll get worried, though.

Monika said...

You said it so well in your comment on my blog. Thanks!

Angela Marie said...

I was still in the Navy and onboard the USS Harry S Truman. We were in the shipyards at the time. No one was allowed to leave for quite awhile and the duty sections were doubled that very day. We didn't get much work done that day as we were all watching the tv.