Monday, June 11, 2007

Worthy causes all

As you know, knitters are always doing things to help others. There are hat knitters, blanket knitters, red scarf knitters, baby sweater knitters, chemo cap knitters -- just about anything you can think of to knit for others, someone, somewhere is doing.

Then there are knitters who go the extra mile, literally, and do things like Claudia's MS Bike Ride or Larissa's Run for Congo Women, not to mention Stephanie's Knitters Without Borders.

The generosity of our community is amazing. The list of projects is long and varied and certainly not complete here, although the folks at Daily Knitter have compiled a pretty comprehensive list of groups knitting for others.

If you have time, materials, and/or money you can spare, any of these causes are worthy of your effort. In addition to these direct kinds of fundraisers and knitting efforts, lots of bloggers have links to their favorite charities, like the one I have for Heifer International. The opportunities are endless, as is the generosity of knitters.

All of you impress the heck out of me in so many ways! :)

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