Wednesday, June 20, 2007

That darned sock!

The sock was on the move again last night. Off to the bowling alley, where it proceeded to try and substitute on my league. Sadly, the sock is not a very good bowler. However, my team is one that embraces diversity whole-heartedly and gave the sock cautious pats on the back when it missed spares and rolled gutter balls (thankfully there were no palms poked by errant needles and no stitches dropped during overly-enthusiastic atta-boys).

This may be the sock's last outing since the heel and gusset are now complete and it's a straight shot towards the toe. Then I'm sure the sock will snub me in favor of catching an airliner and running off with it's new travel companion, my Sockapalooza pal. Just like a kid. All that labor and then it's off into the world with narry a "Thanks mom!" thrown over the gusset!

Oh, apologies for the shoddy picture. I forgot my camera and had to resort to the cell phone to document the moment. And yes, the sock made sure to chastise me for being so forgetful!

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