Monday, April 09, 2007

Feather & Fan Fini!

It's finished! Seems like it took forever, but I finally decided that it was long enough. Here it is in its unblocked state

Specs: Unblocked measurements: ~84"x18"

  • Yarn used: Interlacements Rick Rack II, color #103 - Submarine (which doesn't look like the picture on their Web site at all)

  • Amount used: About 900 yards - finished piece weighs in 298 grams, leaving abou 154 grams of yarn for making a matching scarf or some such.

  • Pattern: Free one provided with the yarn, basic Feather & Fan with two-stitch garter border added on each side for stability.

  • Started first try: December 4, 2005 - Discovered I cast on 180 sts instead of 108(!), frogged

  • Started second try: February 23, 2007 - Completed April 8, 2007
I'm extremely pleased with the way the colors blend in this yarn and the way they look with the feather and fan pattern. It's very evocative of watery things to me, which is perfect for a shawl that's intended to debut on a cruise.

The feel of the yarn is wonderful, too. Rayon has a softness to it that's very, very touchable and it has a wonderful weight that makes it drape beautifully.

Now I just need to block it. I ordered a set of blocking wires from Knit Picks so I can get the edges straight and not break my back placing 15 million pins. So blocking will wait a bit until that package arrives and then I'll give you post-blocking pics and stats.

Onward to the next adventure!


Kitt said...

Lovely shawl Cindy!
Congrats on the finish!

Monika said...

The color combined with this pattern reminds me of the ocean. Even unblocked it looks great!

Angelika said...

The shawl is gorgeous. I casted on a scarf in lace like this last weekend, but since nothing seemed to make me happy I ripped it out after a couple of inches. Maybe I should give it another try?

Susan in ID said...

This is just lovely, Cindy! You have done a wonderful job. Now I really can hardly wait to get my KnitPicks package w/proper needles to knit my small shawl. What inspiration! Enjoy your cruise and your shawl.

Isis Rising said...

It's absolutely beautiful! I love the colors, they make me think of a mountain stream.

If you're feeling adventurous, try the Russian Thread method of blocking lace. Knit Picks has a tutorial on it at their website, and I've used it on my feather and fan lace. It worked great for me.


Sande Francis said...

Yeah, what they said! I just love that yarn - my colors for sure. F&F is a wonderful pattern, almost anything looks good in it.

Sorka said...

Beautiful! One of these days I am going to have time to make something pretty like that for myself!

Romi said...

Very pretty! I love the colors!