Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cat's Cradle Lace Topper

Finished! This didn't take very long to make and I love the finshed product. I wanted something to wear over a tank on my upcoming cruise and couldn't find anything in the stores that I liked, so I searched for patterns and found this one.

Pattern: Cat's Cradle Lace Topper by Doris Chan, as printed in the January 2007 issue of Crochet!

Yarn: Some hand-dyed mercerized cotton worsted weight I've had in the stash for probably 10 years. The band says it's Crayons Lite from Rainbow Mills, Inc. I used ~238 grams / 442 yards to make the size large/extra large

Tools: Crochet hook size K/10.5/6.5mm, stitch markers

Adjustments: I found one mistake in the pattern. In Round 9, one chain 5 was left out. It was easy to spot because without that chain 5 the symmetry was broken.

I have to say that the hardest part of this project was taking a picture of it. LOL I actually started this project several times with different yarns trying to get gauge in something that would drape nicely. Once I settled on this mercerized cotton, everything went very quickly.

I'm almost finished with another topper. Hopefully it will coe out as nice as this one and I'll have pictures soon!


Monika said...

Wow, I've never seen something like it! It's so different and gorgeous! You did a nice job with the picture! ;o)

Kansas A. said...

Wow Cindy! That looks great! And the picture is stunning :) Good job!

Little Old Liz said...

Gosh, that topper is absolutely perfect. Sure wish we could Knifty Knit one, since crochet is not my specialty. Good work, lady!

Longyarn MacKay said...

Beautiful and the shawl pin is just the thing to bring the colors into focus. HEY! I think I just learned something. The shawl pin is a focal point like the talk about in visual art, you know, drawing the eye though the composition all that.