Sunday, March 04, 2007

Crocus, shawls, cars, Isela's book, and a tattoo

It's almost springtime! At least that's what the crocus and daffodils in my yard think. When the occasional sunshine does come out, it definitely feels like spring is approaching. However, in the mountains, they're still getting snow -- something that makes the ski resorts very happy. We even had a little bit on the valley floor earlier this week, but it didn't last very long.

Anyway, since the sun peeked out this morning for a bit before the cloud cover took over again, I snapped a couple of pics of shawls in progress (SIPs).

First, I have made rather significant progress on the feather & fan shawl. I'm working on the secod of four balls of yarn. If I use all of them, the shawl will probably be about as tall as I am (which would equate to 70" or, for non-Americans, ~178cm). I'm not sure I want it quite that long, but we'll see. It really is looking at home among the crocus, sort of like a waterfall by my front porch. :) I love the colors and the drape of the fabric. This is now my traveling project. I've worked on it in coffee houses, hotel lobbies before casino gigs (and on breaks), and at the bowling alley during league. This is the only way I can be sure it will be finished in time for my cruise in May.

Although this is my primary project right now, I simply could not keep my hands off the skein of Sea Silk I purchased from Yarnzilla. So I broke out the Lace Wings Seasilk Shawl pattern by Alice Cooley that produces a shawl from just one skein of this wonderful fiber and started knitting. (You can order the pattern from Lettuce Knit in Toronto. Just drop them an email to make the arrangements.) This yarn is fabulous!!! The color I have is called Bronze and I really like the way it's working up so far. The lace pattern is simple, a repeat of four rows, two them lace and two of them resting (aka, purl) rows. About 10cm (~4") you switch needle sizes to 1cm larger. I started with 3.25cm (US3) and am now on 4.0cm (US6). I'm not sure how big this will end up being, but I'm sure it's going to be fun to wear and I hope it's done in time for the cruise. Doesn't it look sort of like a sunset over those pretty crocus?

Oh, for you loom knitters out there, I got my copy of Isela's new book, Loom Knitting Primer, yesterday. It's really wonderful with lots of great pictures of various loom and board techniques as well as some very handy patterns. Congrats, Isela!

Finally, Scout asked us to share our tattoos. I have just one (so far) that I got this last fall at a car show. A friend and I went to the show and sat around all day waiting for the judging to be concluded and winners announced. The show takes place every year at the Chinook Winds Casino and Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon. They always have nice trophies and sometimes cash that goes along with them. One year my car took 2nd place; one year it got the "Just Cuz It's Neat" award. Both times $75 cash came with the trophy. Not bad for a day at the beach.

This time, they had traditional categories awarded by a group of judges as well as two awards voted on by folks in attendance. (Oh, the picture there of my car is obviously not at the beach. That was taken at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood in August of 2004.)

Awards weren't handed out until around 6:00 p.m. While we were hanging out, we checked out the mobile tattoo artist's books and I found a design I really liked. When asked, the artist said it would cost $70 to have it put on my ankle. That didn't sound too bad, but it was more than I really wanted to spend. When the awards were finally announced, the judges passed me by, but not the folks who were at the show. I won both the Exhibitor's Best of Show and People's Choice Best of Show awards, along with $200.

My friend looked at me and said, "Now you can afford that tattoo!" She was shocked when I said, "Yeah, let's do it!" And thus, this design now graces my right ankle, partially covering the scar from surgery to install a plate and several pins when I broke it in 2003. So, my first tattoo was purchased at the age of 50 to celebrate awards received at a car show!


Anonymous said...

ooooh, lookie, lookie! how cool! It is such a revelation--you wild thing! :)

Anonymous said...

I was so excited that I forgot to share....I always wanted a tattoo. I wanted it on my lower back. I was always too chicken. However, I did have it done with Henna and that satisfied my wants, hehehe.

Little Old Liz said...

Oh you racey woman! LOL Good for you. I'm too chicken, and thus have nothing to share.

Angelika said...

I was wondering about this book. I have a scarf that was knitted on a loom, but I have no idea how to do this. Are there any instructions for a long striped scarf in that book? I can send you the picture of it plus it's also on my blog a couple months back.