Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Sunday = Wavy and Stash Enhancement!

Super Bowl XLI is done. (Hope I don't get a letter from the NFL for using their trademarked phrase!)

I worked a bit in the morning and then headed to my LYS for their Super Bowl Sale (oops! another letter from the lawyers!), wherein I joined a hoarde of other fibery folks in loading my bag with yummy things. Some were on sale at 40% off and everything in the store was 10% off. Oh, the temptation of it all! I did not go unprepared. I knew I wanted yarn for a scarf my sister requested and I knew I wanted to scout yarn for a tank top in Big Girl Knits I want to make for my cruise in May. But of course, once I got there, all bets were off!

I stayed on task at first, scouting out suitable yarn to substitute for the Dale of Norway Svale specified in the tank top pattern. Unfortunately, my LYS doesn't carry Dale of Norway yarns, but the helpful sales gal pointed out several things that would make a suitable substitute. Only problem was, there wasn't enough of any color -- okay, any color I liked --to make the top. So, on to plan B for that! (Plan B involved searching for a good sale online when I got home, which I found on and promptly placed an order for some in Chinese Red.)

Next it was on to the grey for my sister's scarf. Grey seems very dull to me (although I know it's really not the yarn, it's my perception of it), so I picked a pattern that would add some oomph and chose a yarn that's so soft and snuggly that I'm loathe to give it up! It's the Wavy scarf by Sarah Smith, as published in Knitty, made in a light grey Berroco Ultra Alpaca, a lovely blend of 50% alpaca and 50% wool. I started the scarf shortly before the game started and this is how far I got. It's a very easy and quick pattern, as long as you keep track of what row you're on. (Oh, I bought a cool row counter at the sale, too, and some easy-to-use yarn bobbins for later.) The result is a very soft, squeezable, warm scarf that I'm confident my sister will love.

Oh, the rest of the stash enhancement you see in the picture above is: Two skeins of Toasty Toes from Interlacements in the Reds Plus colorway. I've been itching to knit something in red and this called out to me from the sale bin! Then I spied the Trekking sock yarn and grabbed a skein in color 78, Purple Heather that reminds me of a bowl bursting with summertime berries. (Did I mention I love berries?) Here are some pictures of socks made with this color of Trekking, courtesy of Heather at her blog 'no harm in yarn.' Good job, Heather!

On the 40% off table rested a basket full of Debbie Bliss Merino DK. I couldn't pass that by, so I snagged two skeins of purple. I'm thinking a pair of mits that will match the vest I wear when dealing cards. I have an upcoming party that will be in a tent outside (in the winter?!) and we are allowed to wear sweaters or whatever to stay warm. If it's too cold, I can deal cards with mits on! LOL

The line to check out was long, although a merry group, and ran right in front of the bins holding Noro yarns. Well, if you know Noro, you know it's very hard to resist! Standing right next to the bins for 20 minutes or so is enough to drive any knitter to an irresponsible purchase! I feel I maintained tremendous restraint by only putting three skeins of Silk Garden in colorway #8 in my bag. It's a pretty blend of blues, greens, and purples. Bet you couldn't tell that's my favorite color spectrum! I have no idea of what I'll make with this, but I'm sure I'll think of something!

Finally, when I got to the checkstand there was a small basket with shawl pins from gita maria. I'd seen these in the shop for a while, but they aren't cheap and I held off. But hey! Everything in the shop was 10% off! My resistance was lowered and I bought one. I think it will look lovely with the feather and fan shawl if when I finally finish it (which, hopefully, is before the cruise in May).

As you can see, it was a busy day! :)

Oh, then I came home and found that I won a prize for participating in Larissa's Test-along for her upcoming book. In an ironic twist (and a happy one), I won two skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca and a scented candle all the way from England. Now I'll be able to make myself a scarf that's just as huggable as the one I'm doing for my sister. Thanks, Larissa!

Finally, I leave you with one last picture. Many folks in blogosphere participate in the Saturday Sky ring. I'm not in that, but when I got up early on Friday morning and looked out my bedroom window, I had to run for the camera because this was just too stunning to pass up. By the time I got something on and went downstairs to try and get a better outdoor shot, it was gone. But this will give you an idea. :) I'm not usually up early enough to see sunrise, but I'm glad I was that day!

Happy Knitting!

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