Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow day!

I awoke this morning and it was very quiet. Last night they predicted snow and I figured that must be what had happened because snow brings a very special kind of quiet to the neighborhood. Sure enough, everything was covered in about two inches of snow and more was falling. A very pretty site -- as long as you don't need to go anywhere. Lucky for me, I work at home and I went to the grocery store last night, so I'm set. Here's some of what went on in my back yard today:

Folks in Portland simply aren't used to snow and ice. Heck, the first time it rains each season, folks have problems driving safely, so you can imagine what kinds of problems several inches of snow and icy roads can cause! The ones that really slay me are the SUV drivers who seem to think that four-wheel drive means they can go anywhere, anytime. Here's an example of what happens when an SUV driver encounters snow and ice and keeps hitting the gas anyway. Geez.

In knitting news, I finished one scarf and am almost finished with another. They are both made with the same colorway of Noro Kureyon, #156. The Twisted Spiral scarf is designed by Judy Warde from her pattern as published in One-Skein Wonders. It's a short scarf that looks really nice around the neck with the twists locked together. The other is a mistake rib pattern from the book Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. In the book, they call it the Child's Rainbow Scarf, but I think it's great for an adult, too. Instead of using two colorways of Kureyon as recommended in the pattern, I grabbed some white Wool-Ease from my stash and alternated that with the Kureyon.

Okay, I have some 'real' work to get done tonight. It's usually my bowling night, but the alley (like most things around here) closed early; no league tonight. I'd love to sit in my warm wooly slipper socks and knit some more, but transcription awaits and that, after all, is what lets me buy more yarn!

Wherever you are, hope you are warm and safe. Looks like they're already announcing lots of closures for tomorrow, too. Happy hibernation! :)


Kansas A. said...

Brrr Cindy, it sure looks cold, and me being Canadian I know cold LOL!
Your scarves look great, love the colours :)

tracey said...

Hi there! I happened along your blog tonight from another blog and saw that you're here in Oregon as well. We just moved here (to Halsey) in August from Utah, so I'm used to the snow and can handle that (Just stay in and don't drive, it's that easy LOL) but the rain...that's a bit more for me to get used to! It sure is quite beautiful here though!
Love your blog!!!

Angela Marie said...

I remember that day. Woke up to the hubby telling me it was snowing outside. The boys had tons of fun. *waving from Tualatin*