Sunday, April 02, 2006

Flash your stash!

Okay, Isela posted pics of her stash, so I decided to fess up with mine (even if it's not April 1st anymore). I'm not nearly as neatly organized as she is and I'm envious of the quality yarns she's got, but here's mine anyway. Got a yarn stash in your house? Share!!

In this corner, we have a stack of miscellaneous items. The cones are things I bought along the way when I was machine knitting (haven't used the darn thing in a LONG time). The Homespun is for prayer shawls, one of which is on a loom now. The rest is just miscellaneous odds and ends.

Then we come to the hanging bins. Here's where I have some of my favorite stuff (at least in the top and bottom bins). The packages of blue alpaca on the bottom have been with me for many, many years just waiting for something to inspire me that's worthy of them. I'm experimenting with some lace patterns now and hope to make a lovely shawl out of that.

The rack above holds some hand-dyed cotton and very expensive hand-dyed rayon "fun-fur" that's SOOOO soft. Only reason I could afford it was the shop was going out of business and had a GREAT sale.

These hanging organizers were a steal for $9.98 for all three from Lillian Vernon. My cat thinks they are hiding places for her, so I have to keep the closet door closed or she wreaks havoc on my yarn stash!

And while technically not yarn yet, this fiber was purchased so I could try and learn to make it into yarn using a drop spindle, something I have yet to get the hang of. This stuff may end up being needle-felt material or accent colors in a felting project. I'm not sure yet.

So there you have it. Enough to keep me busy for a long time, but certainly never the right thing when I need it! :)

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Isela: Purling Sprite said...

I *love* that fiber you are going to spin. It is soo pretty color.